Twenty-five years ago today, on a beautiful first day of summer in Oak Harbor, WA, I married my best friend (in today’s lingo, my BFF).

As we sat at home watching television last night, we discussed how we never knew a quarter of a century later, that we’d have two daughters in college, be living in Poulsbo, and my mother would be living with us. The only thing that had come between us was our dogs (literally).

Relationships of any kind are fragile. People are motivated by different things, events change, feelings are hurt, and both joys and crises are shared. In today’s world, somewhere about half of marriages fail. One of the reasons I believe ours hasn’t is because we dated for so many years prior to get married (even though we married at 21 years old). She definitely saw me at my best and worst! Even though today marks 25 years of wedded bliss, this September we will have been together 29 years. There is something to be said for cultivating trusting relationships. They take time, perseverance, forgiveness, humility (still working on mine as she might attest), humor, understanding, and the ability to face crisis as a team. Take a look at your best relationships – both personal and professional – and I’m certain you will find those characteristics.

Today, I honor my BFF.  Thank you Barb for 25 years of marriage, for putting up with all of my “idiosyncrasies:” my wild hairs; my golf outings; my sports watching; my inability to cook but my willingness to eat; for holding my “stuff” while we sit at games; and for all those other things that get lost in translation during the course of 4,380 days. I love you.



















P.S. to Leo who I know reads this blog – she loved it! Thanks for your help…

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