“Keep your eyes looking forward in the direction you are going…”

Last night was spent on a crisp Sunday evening spent helping my granddaughters master riding their scooters. Being asked to coach them on the fine art of scooting on the sidewalk is an honor and privilege!

A common theme for both of the newbies to the art of scootering was that they were focused on their feet. That comes from lack of confidence and fear of falling. Since our feet is the last bastion that is keeping us upright, it makes sense to keep a keen eye (or two) on them.

But as we learned long ago, that’s not a very effective or fun way to ride a scooter.

My goal was to get them confident in looking straight ahead; focused on where they wanted to go. I pointed out that their hands controlled the direction and their feet were simply there to stand and push. It’s an athletic move, which they are fully capable of doing once they get the hang of it. And the direction of the hands soon becomes a “feel.”

By about the third or fourth round up and down the sidewalk, they were getting the concept. You could hear the thrill of success in their voices and feel the confidence in their movements.

While my guess is we would all remember how to ride a scooter or a bicycle while focusing on what’s in front of us, we are all susceptible to concentrating on our feet in other areas of business and life. And that can happen when we start losing confidence and/or become fearful.

Wherever you are in your business and career path, if you’ve stopped investing time in looking to what’s ahead rather than where you are, your journey may become as inefficient and lack enjoyment as my granddaughter’s first scooter rides. Yes, being present and in the moment is good, however I submit that this is more about avoiding distraction I the moment rather than becoming stale in the present.

Where do you want to go with your business? Your career? Your life? Are you spotting towards that goal or simply creeping down the sidewalk?

Everything we do should be with a focus of moving forward towards our goals and ambitions, while enjoying the ride in the moment. Don’t be afraid to change that destination a little when needed. That’s part of the journey.

“Keep your eyes looking forward in the direction you are going…”

Keep Chasing Unleashed.

Quote of the Week:

“Age is inevitable. Aging isn’t.”

~ Mark Levy, NFL Hall of Fame Coach


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