Business Continuity & Risk Strategy Solutions

Virtual Director of Business Risk

The virtual model is based on experts who offer CEOs the opportunity to bring an expert into their organization on a part-time basis at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time executive.

The Director of Business Risk advises executive and leadership teams on making better risk decisions that will impact current and future exposures to loss or risk; insurance; employee safety; security of information; and reputation and brand, to name a few.

Simply put, Dan will be a partner in protecting and safeguarding your besyt interwst and profitability as you make critical decisions and plan for the future growth of your company.

Business Continuity Plans

Every business needs a “What If” plan. 

Small and medium-sixed businesses are at most risk because you have less margin for error when a calimity occurs. The “What Ifs” include perils like: Fire, Water Damage; Wind Damage; Cyber Event; Loss of CEO or Key Employee; Pandemic; Loss of Supply Chain; Economic Disaster; and much more. Are you ready to conquer the “What Ifs” so you can sleep better at night?

We will create a written, communicated plan for you and your business. We can also help you implement and monitor its success. 

Contact Dan to find out how to create a contingency plan that allows you to go run your business more successfully and profitably!

Crisis Simulation Programs

When was the last time you pressure-tested your ability to recover from a crisis?

Crisis simulation plans are crucial to assuring that you and your team are ready and prepared to deal with any calamity.

You will probably be the “first responders” to an event at your location – ranging from a medical emergency, shelter in place, or evacuation. Being prepared through practice is the same comcept as professional sports teams practicing for games. 

We will lead you and your team through a half-day crisis simulation exercise to strenghten your team’s skills and decision-making when it comes to reacting and responding to a crisis.