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Wave Goodbye to Impersonal Insurance:

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No more call centers.

No more chat bots.

Welcome to a new era of personalized, unbiased insurance advisory. Where your personal insurance needs come first. Always.

Sure, those insurance commercials on TV are clever and funny – they make us laugh, and sometimes, they even make us think.

But when it comes down to it, your personal insurance is no laughing matter. It’s the safety net for your most valuable assets, the shield protecting what you hold dear in life and in your family. Treating it as anything less than a top priority can leave gaps wide enough for unforeseen risks to slip through, potentially jeopardizing everything you’ve worked so hard to build. That’s where the real difference lies: between a catchy jingle and the serious business of safeguarding your future.

The Safe Harbor Advisory program is your beacon for navigating the sometimes choppy waters of personal insurance.

Here’s what you get:

1. Annual Insurance Check-Up & Consultation

What It Is: Once a year, we sit down (virtually or in-person) for a comprehensive review of all your personal insurance policies. This is the time to discuss any major life changes (like a new home, car, or family member) and how these affect your insurance needs. You’ll get expert recommendations and adjustments to ensure their coverage is up-to-date and optimal.

2. Quarterly Newsletters & Alerts

What It Includes: Regular newsletters or alerts that keep you informed about the latest trends and changes in the insurance world, like new laws, common risks, or tips on lowering premiums.

3. On-Demand Q&A Service

What It Offers: You can reach out with their insurance questions or concerns as they arise. No matter what the insurance concern, I will promptly respond to emails, texts, and calls.

The fee for this membership is $975 per year (or paid monthly at $99).
Consider the true cost: Not just the financial blow of an uncovered loss, but the invaluable time and energy spent grappling with frustration. Our fee is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and protection that comes with expert, personalized insurance guidance.


Get started today and create real peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. Click below to choose a plan and Dan will immediately contact you to set up the initial meeting.


How strong is your personal insurance protection? Find out by taking the free, no obligation Safe Harbor Personal Insurance Scorecard assessment. Score Your Insurance (2 minute survey)


IMPORTANT: If you you need immediate help with a situation involving an insurance claim or calamity like fire, water damage, auto accident, bodily injury, cyber attack, or a cancelled or non-renewed policy, then contact me to discuss how to help. Schedule a Zoom call with me HERE.


The Fine Print: This program is an annual advisory program, regardless of mode of payment. Simply, once started there is a 12-month commitment, even if paying monthly.

An Emerging Risk Solutions® Program. Emerging Risk Solutions is a registered trademark of Toro Consulting, Inc.

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