Last week, I did an inordinate amount of walking hills. My Achilles heel had been feeling better since it flared up last summer, but the hill walking must have aggravated that bad boy and I got more inflammation. The bottom line is it hurts!

As I was walking up the hill grimacing with every step, I realized that this small part of my otherwise healthy and able body was causing chaos. It was slowing my progress, making me divert to routes less hilly, causing pain, and generally being a nuisance and distraction. Those of you who have dealt with this injury know what I’m talking about.

The same holds true in your business or career.

What’s the Achilles heel in your life? In other words, what’s causing you pain, distraction, and forcing you to divert your route?The bottom line here is that it hurts you. You may not feel as symptomatic, but it’s there and if not dealt with can cause a rupture to your plans. Don’t let that Achilles heel in your business or career slow you down. Fix it now.

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