Just this afternoon while livestreaming the Shrimp Tank Podcast, I lost connectivity.

In a virtual world where time waits for no one, I needed to act quickly. Fortunately, I had a plan.

I was able to connect to my personal hotspot on my phone and be back to the live broadcast in under one minute. Fortunately, I have a co-host who carried on the short time without me!

“Stuff” happens in business all the time. Might be loss of connectivity. Could be a fire or a busted water pipe. Heck, it might be a global pandemic.

You have to have a plan to continue business; to pivot and not skip a beat.

Do you have a plan? Does everyone know how to activate it in your company? Will you be forced to skip a beat, or will you be able continue business with only a slight delay?

Have a plan. Your ability to survive any calamity just might depend on it. 

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