We just bought the new Nintendo game Wii® on Saturday and boy, is it a hoot! How many of you have Wii®? For those of you scratching your head and wondering what the heck is Weedin talking about, let me explain. Wii® is basically a PlayStation ® console where you can play video games on your TV. It’s a wireless game that needs YOU to do all the motions in order to make the characters on your TV move. So, if you’re playing golf, tennis, baseball, boxing, or racing cows – you perform all the actions. No more sitting like a lump on a chair with a joy stick, now you have to get up and move with Wii®.

First of all, as a family Wii® provided us hours of fun, raucous laughter at each others follies, and (unbelievably) great exercise. We were all pooped at the end of the evening. If you don’t believe me, go try out the boxing trainer and tell me you don’t work up a real sweat.

So, what can we learn from playing Wii®?

Well for starters, you can spend real quality time with your family and friends. Wii® is almost like a board game that takes everybody’s participation and attention. Unlike sitting and watching television, conversation, laughter, and bonding take place. You wouldn’t have caught me EVER saying this before about video games, but Wii® changed my mind.

Secondly, I came away with a new appreciation of humility. My daughter Kelli and I were competing in several games, namely boxing and shooting (not people – mainly space ships coming to take away little characters that look like us). She was regularly beating me (pretty soundly) in all the games that required speed, reflexes, and agility. It’s a humbling thing to be beaten by your 17 year old daughter in a boxing match! Although I was stronger (measured by the speed of your punch), she was quicker, delivering more blows.

The lesson in humility is important for all of us. One of the areas of work I need is in humility and sometimes my kids give me a wake up call. Humility can be a very important aspect of good communications. Think about it. If you’re not humble, it’s hard to listen. When listening doesn’t happen, it’s impossible to communicate.

When was the last dose of humility you received? Maybe the more important question is – what did you do with it?

Happy Labor Day!


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