A week and a half after emergency appendectomy surgery, I am pretty much back to normal. I had a laparoscopic procedure, which simply means that instead of a 5-inch scar in my belly, I’m left with 3 little scars that will be barely noticeable, PLUS a very easy recovery. I was scheduled to see the surgeon for a follow-up appointment, but we had to re-schedule because he had to run off and take care of a new emergency surgery. The nerve! I guess I can cut him some slack even though MY emergency surgery was after 5:00 pm…

Like I said, other than lifting weights or exercising strenuously, I’m pretty much back in the groove. There is one thing I really miss, though. And that is walking the dogs.

You see, walking the dogs has become a pleasant routine for me. A great diversion during the day. Good exercise. Bonding with two of my best pals, Captain Jack and Bella. I used it as a reward for getting a project completed, and just as an escape for 15 minutes, two to three times a day.

If you have ever had any type of surgery to your stomach, you know the depth of which your body uses it. It is integral to almost all your movements. Having two dogs on one leash – dogs that will go full-bore after unsuspecting rabbits and neighborhood dogs when visual or olfactory contact is made – makes it hard on the old core. Add to that the whole bending over to pick up deposits is an added challenge. I haven’t made that leap yet. I do take them out in the yard for quick work, but not our normal jaunts. I think they miss them, too.

My goal is to begin again on Monday. I’m sure there will be some trepidation when we do resume, but I’m anxious to get back into our old routine. It’s amazing the small things in our lives that we take for granted and miss the most when we can’t have or do them. They are never financial or worldly. They are the “stuff” that life is made of however….

Like walking the dogs.

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