If you’re like me, you are captivated by the talent, strength, and character of US swimmer Michael Phelps.  This young man is not only the most accomplished Olympian ever when it comes to collecting gold medals, he has already set himself up as being a success in his business life even if he didn’t have all the endorsements coming his way.  Why?

One reason is his ability to not let unforeseen events get in the way of his performance and reaching his goal.  Last night in the 200m Butterfly final where he won his 10th gold medal, you may have seen him witha look of almost disgust instead of jubilation.  Afterwards, he said that for the last 100 m of the race, he couldn’t see out of his goggles because his goggles got filled up with water.  He wasn’t disgusted with the gold (duh) but with the goggles.  Phelps has proven the ability to perform under any condition and that has made him a champion among champions.  What about you?

Many times, we blame circumstance or conditions for our inability to succeed.  I’ve done it in the past.  It’s an easy blame.  When I was coaching high school basketball, I came across a theme that I came to embrace and pass on to my players.  It was the concept that  “anytime, anyplace, under any condition…I’m ready to play.”  Under any condition.  Even malfuntioning goggles that fill your face with water when you are trying to run the table with gold.

Think about this concept and Michael Phelps the next time something out of your control happens…

  • The microphone doesn’t work
  • The stage is too small
  • You forgot your prop
  • Your time to present your product is cut short on time
  • You spilled ketchup on your suit

Whatever it is, something always happens.  Don’t let it affect your performance.  Focus on your message and the value it gives your audience.  Be a champion.


P.S.  I’m having trouble with my Outlook and can’t get in – let’s call it my goggle malfunction.  That’s where I’ve parked my URL for my signature.  In other words, I can’t get it so your stuck with just my name. Nothing fancy.  I hope I persevered and gave you value in this post.

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