Dan Weedin Unleashed-19I’m watching a CNN series titled, The Seventies. It’s an ongoing documentary about people, politics, events, and entertainment that created a unique culture. Ironically, one of the producers is Tom Hanks, who got his big break on a sitcom, Bosom Buddies late in that decade.

I grew up in the 1970s, so I’m fascinated by the series, which I think is quite well done. I find myself in “flashback” situations constantly. That being said, I also find I’m learning about things I was much too young to understand back then. The political and social climate around Vietnam; Watergate; and the transformation of social mores on television were all over my youthful level of cognizance, and now I find very intriguing. I am able to better understand and comment on things that I lived through, but really didn’t have a grasp of. I now know more…

We should all be growing in that way. I’m not just talking about television documentaries. I’m suggesting you all make efforts to make yourself more knowledgeable about the world you live in. The results are important to your business and career. By being more aware and educated, you will:

  • Become more of an object of interest to those around you
  • Be able to offer sage advice and wisdom when called upon
  • Have a deeper understanding of motivations, cultures, ideas, and styles
  • Create services and products for those that need them (whether they know it or not)
  • Start up conversations that don’t involve a business transaction, yet might lead to one
  • Develop stronger relationships

The list could go on much longer and maybe you’d like to add to it yourself. How do you go about doing all of this “learning?” Here are 10 painless (and maybe fun) ways to do it…

  1. Read books of all genres, not just self-help business. Read for pleasure as well as learning.
  2. Travel. I mean really travel. Leave your state, your region, and your country and experience things.
  3. Have a hobby. Learn about it and gain enjoyment. It might be bird watching or astronomy. Maybe it’s coin collecting or model train making. Whatever it is, find something that is fun.
  4. Be active. It’s good for your brain, your heart, and your spirit.
  5. Learn another language or an instrument. Learning something new is invigorating and fun to discuss with others.
  6. Write a blog or journal. Capture your thoughts. The more you write the better your vocabulary, and the better communicator you will become.
  7. Watch television. TV is now part of our culture. You will learn a lot about the world you live in and even yourself. Mix it up and watch a variety of things for pleasure and learning.
  8. Read the Wall Street Journal daily. I don’t read it cover to cover, but I stay current. I’ve got it on my phone and with notifications. You need to be apprised of what’s going on in business and what it all means for you and your clients.
  9. Take a leadership role. It might be for your favorite charity or service organization. Regardless, when you take a lead role in something you have a passion for, you gain a lot of worldly knowledge.
  10. Ask others for opinions and commentary. AND, I don’t mean on Facebook! I mean ask questions at parties and social gatherings. meet new people and learn about them and their world. Get anew perspective from others by being inquisitive.

So, what do you know? Maybe it’s time you go find out for yourself.

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