JackHey, everyone has a bracket for the big tournament, right? Why not Captain Jack?!

Join my personal March Madness tournament and if you beat the Captain Jack Jumpers, you get a $100 credit towards any coaching, mentoring, or consulting program that I offer. It’s that simple. Fill out your bracket and see if you can beat us. Let’s have some fun.

Here’s how it works…

My league is on ESPN. There is no cost to play, but you have to be a member of ESPN (free). Go to Fantasy Games and find the “Tourney Challenge.” Search under groups for Weedin Madness Unleashed. That’s us. Join the group with the password UnleashedJack. Then pick your bracket by tip off tomorrow morning. Best to d it today to be sure.

We all need time for some fun and frivolity. Join in and see if you can beat Captain Jack. If you do, it’s worth a $100 credit.

Game on!

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