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This is the last week that you can pre-order and get the deepest discount you will probably ever see on my new book. If you order before October 2nd, you save 40% AND I will personally sign your book. We’ve already had over 120 orders. If you haven’t secured your book yet, what are you waiting for?!

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Here are some early reviews that might pique your interest…

“This book grabbed me right from the start. This is a solid book. It’s very pragmatic, useful, and super fun to read. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a bar having a conversation with Dan while he coaches you on becoming a better leader, and a better business professional. But more generally, a better person ready to unleash yourself through the open gates.” ~ Noah Fleming

“If you want to enrich your life and grow your career, Unleashed Leadership is an essential guide for executives, entrepreneurs, and most business people. Dan Weedin is a knowledgeable voice in the world of leadership literature, and gives you concrete strategies to take your career to the next level. It’ll show you the skills and behaviors necessary for success.” ~ Dorie Clark

“There are over 500,000 professional project and program managers around the globe who have been certified by the Project Management Institute (I am one of those certified professionals). This book is for those of you who are leaders of project teams, and those of you who are program managers responsible for multiple projects. It’s about unleashing your inherent leadership capabilities to realize your full potential and ultimately the potential of the teams that you lead. Unleashed Leadership is a whimsical, clearly written guide with YOU as the project – it’s about working on yourself and growing your capabilities. While Dan Weedin does not approach the topic from a project management perspective, it is likely that even highly experienced project and program managers will benefit from his tips and techniques. And for those just entering the field, the book is an excellent career skills road map that can position you to move up in an organization faster than might otherwise be possible.”
~ Steve Garfein, PMP

“This is an excellent resource for the professional library. Although it may be seen as focused on business and/or entrepreneurial efforts this text has application beyond that. The chapter on language would be helpful to those pursuing a writing career. Mr. Weedin provides a road map to see that leadership is within the grasp of anyone willing to put in the effort. Not to lessen the role of Mr. Weedin, but Captain Jack alone is worth the price of admission. The writing is clear and well organized. The personal references make this a very relatable read. Using these personal experiences can help the reader to see applications across professions as well as apply to one’s personal life. Keep this text in your library and use as a reference and as a booster shot when encountering the inevitable set back whether professionally or personally. Don’t overlook this book thinking it only applies to business. Leadership is an elusive quality and these qualities can be part of the fabric of every life. Just ask Captain Jack.” ~ Dorothy Siskin

“For anyone who’s ever thought they were satisfied with the level of success attained in their personal or professional life, Unleashed Leadership challenges readers to press beyond invisible fences of their own making. This book is not for those who fear change. By chapter two, author Dan Weedin has you questioning your language and your very thought life to uncover learned values that may actually be obstacles in disguise. If you want to keep downshifting performance due to speed bumps you’ve placed in your own path, this book is not for you. However, if you want to be challenged in the areas of letting go of baggage that has no place in business, fine tuning your listening skills, branding yourself for success, and becoming resilient during apparent challenges, this book is a must read! Whether you are a tenured professional in your field looking to garner a fresh perspective, or new to the job scene ready to learn from the best, this creative and insightful guide should earn a place on the shelf of every entrepreneur and leader next to Americas Top 10 business classics. Applying these principles will truly contribute to greater results in your career and personal life. Need a motivational energy boost? Pick up Unleashed Leadership today!”~ Jenny Foster

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