Tomorrow is the massive celebration and parade for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. I’m 49 years old and the last parade happened for the Kelli and Me_SafecoSupersonics in 1979, when I was 14. I also lived an hour and a half away, didn’t drive, and going was just not possible. Today, it’s a different story. My buddy and I are hopping the ferry to 4th Avenue, find a great spot to watch, and then perhaps watch the ceremony from inside the stadium at a local watering hole. I can’t wait.

The Seattle area public schools should give all the kids a day off. I’m a part of the public school community and I feel like I can support that. Why? Because the memories this one day will create will absolutely trump one day of school. My daughter Kelli says that a photo we have together attending to the ground breaking ceremony for Safeco Field is one of her all-time favorite memories (see photo). It was March 8, 1997 on a cold Saturday afternoon. You often only get one chance for an enduring experience. Too many of you miss out on it because you’re not willing to cross that open gate. (Note: This is beyond a football team. Your experience might be seeing Paul McCartney in concert or Bill Cosby perform live, both of which I’ve done. Play along with me…)

Don’t pass up chances to enhance your life’s experiences. Take the chance sometimes to take a vacation day; upgrade to first-class; or take the penthouse suite on a trip with your spouse.  The downside is low, and the upside is huge.

P.S. Before people get all fired up about this one case study and cry foul about work, responsibilities, blah, blah, blah – Sometimes you can’t. I get it. My point is that there are many times a month that you do get chances to “experience” life and some of the fun things about it, and you hesitate. Jumping off my soap box…

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