Captain JackI write and speak frequently about maximizing your talent by having the courage to bust through the “open gate.” I’ve recently been adding a number of people to my blog, my Twitter (@danweedin), Linked In, and new Pinterest accounts. Let’s do a little redux on some definitions to make sure you know what I’m talking about…

Dogs love to get outside of their yards. Whenever there is an open gate, they have no fear in running through it to search for new adventures. We as humans are much more “careful.”

The yard you hang out in is really a metaphor for your life. Where you are comfortable; where you feel most safe; where you can always go back to as a default. It’s also where you fear straying from because of the unknown. Fear is the primary factor that “leashes” you in the fence. Many people talk a good game to others. they say things like…

“When I have enough money and security, I will…”

“When the timing in my life is just right, I will…”

“When I get enough experience, I will…”

“When my kids are through college, I will…”

Let’s be honest, there is NEVER a perfect time to take that open gate. In actuality, that gate may close while you’re waiting for the perfect time and may never open again.

I remember in college wanting to take a course on the Civil War from a professor that was not only nationally recognized on this topic, but he was really good. I was currently in one of his classes and saw that the next semester he was going to offer the Civil War class again. I balked because I had another requirement that at some point I had to get out of the way, so I played it safe and registered and took the required class. After the semester, my old professor retired and the Civil War class was never run again. The requirement was (and probably still is) offered every semester. I lost my opportunity.

The statements I reference above have been spoken by you and me at times. In some cases, there may be some validity. In the vast majority of them, they are excuses formed by some fear. My goal is to help you identify that fear and decide whether the open gates offered to you every day are going wasted for lack of confidence or fear. Dogs always know how to find their way home back to the yard. That’s why they have confidence to leave it.

What about you?

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