Yesterday, I went to listen to a podcast that I had on YouTube. My ear buds were in and I was ready to take it in, but for some reason I couldn’t hear it.

Frustrated, I kept turning the volume louder. I could hear just a little noise off in the distance, but had no idea why I couldn’t actually hear it.

Then a funny thing happened.

I realized the white ear buds I had on were attached to my phone.

I use the same style ear buds for my phone and the microphone which is plugged into my computer. I was unaware that I was trying to listen with the wrong “ears!”

I wonder how often we are getting advice or critical information with the “wrong ears.”

Whether we are listening to our employees, partners, consultants, or other key people in our business, we need to make sure we are open to suggestions, criticism, and truth, even if it’s hard to hear. The only way we grow, develop, and protect our business is by making sure we are actively listening with the “right” ears.

P.S. This works in life, too. As a husband and father who raised two girls and now has two granddaughters, I’ve learned the value of active listening. I don’t often like the consequences when I don’t!

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