My neighbors and I have a great relationship. Part of that relationship includes the keeping of each others house keys in the event of assistance.

There have been multiple times that one of us required our dogs being fed or plants watered, and we always have friends available to do so.

Recently, I needed to find the keys for my next door neighbor. Turns out…I have a lot of keys.

A few of the keys have distinctive keychains that remind me of whom they belong to. One has a Lion King keychain and another actually has the name of the neighbor…imagine that!

However in this case, the bunch of leftover keys were not very well organized. There are keys that were obviously important at one time (maybe). There was an even a spare key to a car we haven’t owned in 7 years!

Finally, I had to lug all the keys over and one by one try them out – as the dogs barked at me inside the house – until I finally found the right ones. Those keys now have a special keychain!

We all have “keys’ that hep us grow, develop, and succeed in business and life. Unfortunately, if we aren’t careful they can become a jumbled mess like the ones hanging up on my key-holder in the house. When that happens, we either forget what they belonged to, they’ve become obsolete, or we have the right keys, but can’t remember how to use them.

I’ve started the process of paring down the keys on the key-holder to only those that I know are current, and can get me into the doors that I need opened.

We should all do the same in our own lives. What does that mean?

It means simplifying our lives when things get crazy; prioritizing (and reducing) whom we ask for help and guidance from; creating a process that we can use when we become overwhelmed or in crisis; and creating a plan for always staying current, because keys can become obsolete.

My keys are getting back in order on my key-holder at home. It spurs me to do the same process in business and life, to make sure the keys I’ve got available are the best ones for today.

Keep chasing unleashed.

Quote of the Week:

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.”

~ Saadi, 13th century Iranian Poet

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