He did it again.

Without going into great detail, the Pirate Dog escaped as I was taking him out. Mea Culpa. He’s a tricky one.

As soon as he took off, I knew the game was on. He fled behind the house in the green belt, hell-bent to find every exotic smell and adventure he could. This was right after church, so of course I’m in my dress slacks and shirt. I went back into the house, grabbed a large dog cookie, and went on the hunt. Barb soon joined me after getting my mother situated. As I was walking the neighborhood, our terrific neighbor Karen asked if she could help. I thanked her and asked if she wouldn’t mind bringing her dog Charlie along. Charlie is the 180 degrees of Captain jack. A beautiful black dog whose main goal in life seems to be taking it easy. He probably listens to a lot of Jimmy Buffett.

Not long into the hunt, I realized I may need to go deep into the green belt. As Barb, Karen and Charlie kept on, I went into the house to get into jeans. I was gearing up for the battle.

When I came out, I hear the two ladies laughing and carrying on. The Pirate Dog had been captured…thanks to Charlie! You see, they went into the back yard with Charlie. All of a sudden, out of the bushes jumps Captain Jack. The aroma of the “intruding” dog got the best of him. Then Barb did something very cunning. She said, “Hey Charlie…would you like a cookie? Charlie want a cookie.” That’s all Jack could take. he came bounding towards Charlie inquisitive to know what the heck was going on. Barb then laid siege and corralled him.

The booty for Charlie was a couple big, fat peanut butter dog cookies. Karen walked away with a couple Black Toad beers. Both were far less than deserved for the quick capture that I had worried might take several hours. Charlie may find more at his doorstep soon!

The moral of the story? Don’t panic. Have a plan. And most importantly, make sure you have a neighbor with another dog eating a cookie. It works every time!

A repentant Captain Jack

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