To my Send Out Cards team and friends…

How many of you are checking in regularly The Daily 8? Don’t know what The Daily 8 is? Time to find out!

Training and education is critical for success in any business, wouldn’t you agree? Send Out Cards has an excellent web site – The Daily 8 – from which you can gain valuable training tips to help you grow your business faster. They also have a blog that you can access with timely suggestions on how you can reach your goals.

Here’s my tips for you today…

  • Check out the Daily 8 today by clicking on the link above
  • Read and subscribe to the Daily 8 blog and read it regularly (FREE)
  • Subscribe to my blog by going up to the Navigation Bar and clicking on “Feed”. I have a category just for SOC and you may find value from some of the other articles and posts. (FREE)

Jump-start your business today by taking a few minutes every day to educate yourself. It’s a great investment in your business.


P.S. Send Out Cards distributors receive a 20% discount on all my Boot Camps and Speaking Academies. Transform your presentations by getting sales and presentation skills training at a low investment. Call me to take advantage of the discount – (360) 271-1592.