For 18 years (with hopefully only brief postponeent due to COVID), I’ve been the “Voice of the Vikings.” In other words, the stadium announcer for the local high school football team, the North Kitsap HS Vikings. 

I have the best seat in the house. Right at midfield with a perfect view of the entire field and stadium.

Having that “perfect” view is critical to someone describing the game to the fans.

Having that “perfect” view is crucial for the CEO…

It’s very easy to get stuck at “field level” with hands on all aspects of the organization. The best business leaders have an overview of the company. They focus on what they are best at and what only they can do. Then they allow their leadership team to work off of the vision they created.

Are you stuck at field level or in the catbird seat?

The best success comes to those with the best seat in the house…

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