I’ve been fortunate to have a regular column for the Kitsap Business Journal for two years. Now, I’ve compiled all that work into one eBook.

Your investment – $10

(49 pages)

This eBook features 22 columns from 2010 and 2011. The topics range from leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, life balance, social media, business, and much more. Each column is about 700-800 words, so it is an easy read. I’ve received wonderful comments from readers and believe you will gain great value from this compilation.

What others say about Dan…

“Dan has a special knack of simplifying complex business strategies. His column in the Kitsap Business Journal, using everyday analogies relative to the business world, is especially beneficial for daily tactics and team building. His insightful nuggets are great reading for enhancing business success, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporation. I always find some practical take-away to pump up my work.”

– Barry Hacker, Group Health Cooperative (Seattle, WA)

“Dan has the rare talent of being able to communicate sound business concepts in a way the reader is able to understand and implement the information.”

– Gale Kirsopp, Principal of Kirsopp Consulting, LLC (Kingston, WA)

Dan Weedin has the rare capability of helping customers by turning abstract concepts into tangible benefits, bringing an entirely more dramatic sales process to insurance sales and related services.”
– Alan Weiss, Author of The Million Dollar Consultant ®

I hope you’ll consider purchasing this eBook and adding it as a resource for your career.


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