I’ve recently started the practice of using testimonials as blog posts. You should, too!  Here are three reasons why…

  1. Prospective clients see what outcomes and results you provide to your current clients.
  2. Prospective clients trust the words of others more than what you say about yourself. You do it when you are looking for value. Why wouldn’t they?
  3. It’s part of promoting your value to those who need it. If they don’t know it’s available, how can you help them and improve their condition?

Here’s an example of a recent testimonial related to my monthly e-newsletter:

“Dan – just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletters, I read every one and find them always interesting
and often really applicable to me personally – like today’s – my home office is a mess!  Now I’m going to take heart and get it cleaned up – another
way you’ve inspired me!”
Regards Steve Kersten, Bainbridge Island

You can gain the same type of traction with your testimonials, too. Just stay in the moment and make sure you ask for permission and then use it.

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