I just completed my third Mentor Summit with Alan Weiss in Las Vegas. As I sit in the lobby waiting to catch a ride with a colleague to the airport, I figured this is about as good a time as any to start de-briefing. Step One (as provided by Alan) is to find the three points that created the biggest impact on you without reviewing your notes. The point of not reviewing the notes is that you should have those important, key points top of mind and don’t need notes to remember them. Fair enough. I’m going to share this virtually, so you can gain value from my experience.

1. I need to increase assertiveness and decrease persuasiveness in my business interactions. What this means is being more focused on the business agenda at hand, and accelerating the process of working with clients and prospects.

2. I need to have the three key points of my value proposition top of mind (my new favorite term) and ready to express to clients and prospects. What are the three key issues related to crisis leadership and risk management in my mind? How do I turn those into intellectual property and conversations?

3. Find creative ways to gain the attention of those who most need your help. What are the best ways to reach these people? How can you gain gravity and become an object of interest?

The “how to’s” come tomorrow. Stay tuned…

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