We had a terrific day in Steubenville yesterday.

I had the great fortune of accompanying my daughter Mindy to one of her classes. I was the only non-student in the embryology class, I heard all the words, but certainly couldn’t put them all together. I now know that the money we spend on tuition is well worth it!

We also had the chance to have dinner with Barb’s uncle who was down from Buffalo on his way to Baltimore. Barb’s cousin lives in Pittsburgh and it was very fortuitous that he was passing through. We had a wonderful dinner and a a splendid time catching up with family.

My Huskies did go down in flames to West Virginia in the Sweet 16 college basketball game. I did however toast them for a great ride.

Tonight is Mindy’s ceremony at school. After 15 years of schooling, it’s extremely satisfying to be part of this grand event.

Finally, I was able to write out the Table of Contents and Introduction for my upcoming book for insurance professionals. More on that to come…

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