Many people wrongly think coaching and mentoring purports weakness or a lack of perspicacity.


On the contrary.


It’s a sign of brilliance.


The greatest athletes, entertainers, artists, and leaders of industry invest in themselves through coaching and mentoring.


To be clear – coaching and mentoring are two different animals.


Coaching is a short-term skill building or behavior changing practice that requires a coach to proactively guide, cajole, lead, and demand efforts to change. The end result should be skill acquistion and/or behavior shift as quickly as possible.


Mentoring is the long game. It’s wisdom, advice, guidance, encouragement, support, and access to information when needed. It’s the assistance to the hard work of decision-making and other important areas of business and life.


We all need both, often in parallel planes. Thinking either is a sign of weakness is short-sighted at best, and foolish at worst. It’s the highly confident person who demands the best out of themselves that is willing to accept both.


It’s a sign of brilliance.



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