9-11-heroesI was sitting here pecking away on my computer writing for my book. As I took a quick break, I realized that today is September 11th. It actually stopped me cold.

This day 13 years ago was perhaps the single most consequential event in my life (outside of family things like marriage and birth of children). I still know where I was and exactly what I was doing when I first heard the news reports. The anniversary the years directly after were poignant and powerful; yet now as time marches on, it’s become much easier to overlook as just another day. I’m glad something triggered in my head to remember. I hope it always will…

Maybe this blog post for you will do the same. All of us old enough to remember (which I’m guessing is all of you…I don’t think I have many 12 year olds reading my work) this day 13 years ago had different reactions, experiences, and feelings. I imagine it must be similar to those of my father’s generation and Pearl Harbor. That event this year will mark 73 years on December 7th. If this article allows you to briefly pause and remember all those who died this day in 2001, then I’m happy. Also recall those who lost family and friends; those that risked their lives and saw unspeakable things; and those who had lives forever altered.

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