Day 1 in San Francisco turned out to be eventful. I am in the City by the Bay for the Alan Weiss Mentor Summit. It’s a conference where all the world class consultants in Alan’s community congregate about every 9 months to learn more about our business, to grow professionally, to network, and to enjoy the city.

I started the evening meeting a couple of my own mentor clients and going out to dinner at a great place. It’s an Italian restaurant a few blocks away from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where I am staying (in the financial district). We had a terrific dinner and a nice time together. Afterwards, several of us decided to have a nightcap in the hotel lounge.

Sitting to the table next to me was a guy who looked just like Michael Jordan. THE Michael Jordan of Chicago Bulls fame and glory. The more I wanted to dismiss it, the more I was certain. He was even wearing a Jordan logo shirt. I asked my colleagues to take a look and see what they thought. About that time, a young woman approached him and started talking to him about his career. They were literally about 15 feet away. It was definitely MJ. She asked for his picture (which he at least tried to confirm wouldn’t end up on the Internet), and chatted with him. Shortly, she returned to her seat at the bar, giddy with delight.

I thought, if she can politely approach him, I can to. As I stood up to do so, she re-emerged bearing a pen and napkin for an autograph. Geez! He was still kind to her, but looking like he wanted to return to his private dinner. As she left, I quickly stuck out my hand and said, “I don’t want your autograph or a picture. I simply want to shake your hand and thank you for years of enjoyment in watching you play.” He was also very gracious to me and smiled. We actually talked Seattle Sonics basketball for about 10 seconds. He said he loves the city and they and the fans deserve a team back.

Michael Jordan epitomized graciousness this evening. I don’t know if it always happens, but on this night in San Francisco, it did. What a way to start the week!

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