If there is one thing a Jack Russell terrier is, it’s resilient.

There is a noise emanating from my office wall. I can’t hear it, but obviously Captain Jack does. At first I thought it might be a mouse in the wall. I looked outside and perused the area, without trace of a rodent. Now, I’m thinking it’s a mole. We have a small deck that leads up to the door. Untill (or unless) I go under there, I may never know. But Jack knows.

He’s been driving me to utter distraction the past few days. He howls, he barks, and he scratches at the wall. I finally caught him putting his own hole in the wall. I barricaded it yesterday, which seemed to befuddle him. He figured it out today. I put the gate up so he can’t reach it and he only barks. Captain Jack refuses to be deterred. His is the poster child of “resilient.”

What about you?

How do you handle rejection? I don’t know a lot of people who really like it, but you must change your mindset in business. If you are good, you will get about a 70% rejection rate. If you are good. Every rejection should get you fired up because that means you’re one step closer to an acceptance. Rejection is part of the deal. It’s not personal (most of the time) and it certainly doesn’t reflect on your self-worth. Unfortunately for many people, it radically affects their self-confidence. This leads to dejection, depression, and quitting too soon.

Take a cue from Captain Jack. You may get rejected, rebuffed, and have barriers put in your way, but never stop being resilient. Carry on with a positive attitude and a hearty “woof.”

Now, I just have to figure out how to get that mole (or whatever it is) out of my wall before Captain Jack “resilient-ly” does it for me!

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