I’m on my last full day of my final Certified Risk Manager class to get my designation. I’m tired if these tests and can’t wait to get this one done. I feel like I’m back in college. A few random digressions on my trip as I prepare to start my day…

1. Thank goodness for GPS. My cousin let me borrow his pickup truck to drive into Dallas from his home 40 minutes away. I’m pretty positive without it I would have ended up somewhere in Oklahoma.

2. The American Airlines Conference Center is pretty good as a place to train. They have several groups here and the facilities work for those who need to study and relax in between. Other than that, we are in the middle of Nowhere, TX.

3. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is on day 30-something of over 100 degree weather. I spent last night about 9 pm relaxing out by the pool after 3 hours of studying. Even in oppressive weather conditions, you can find a time to enjoy where you are.

4. There is a group of life insurance agents from New York Life. I found it ironic that a few of them at a study break had to go outside to smoke. No commentary on smoking, I’m just saying…

5. The single key I have for the truck was sitting on a bookshelf above the table I’m currently typing on. Somehow in moving something, they fell into the trash. I’m glad I heard it. Can you imagine once the room was cleaned and I started looking for them? How many close calls do you have in business and your personal life every day? Are you paying attention?

Back to class….


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