I like using both a speed and heavy bag in my workouts.

Over the course of time, I’ve worked hard to be better, not only in order to avoid injury, but also to maximize my efforts.

When puching either bag – but especially the smaller speed bag – it’s incredibly important to hit a very small spot on the bag in order to get the right action. Otherwise, the bag will swing awkwardly sideways and mess up the process.

The key is to keep your head straight, your eyes focused, your arm swing quick, and your momentum going.

Easy, huh? Not so much.

In the same way, if you want your business and/or your career to be maximized, then you need the same principles…

You must keep your head straight (calm and strategic); eyes focused (on your objectives and goals); your arm swing quick (on decisions and implementation); and your momentum going (everyone moving forward together).

In this way, your punches will land more often and stronger. That result will assure that your business and career is always packing a powerful PUNCH.  

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