As if you needed another good reason to use Send Out Cards as your mailing system, I give you a case in point tonight…

I was mailing out a campaign for my parents 50th anniversary celebration.  It is a cool postcard with a photo of them at a party 50 years ago in Bogota, Colombia.  Everything was stated in the card for all guests.  I confidently pressed “SEND” and turned off the computer.  Whoops.

When I got upstairs, the lovely Barb asked me if I’d included the “attire” section.  My Mom is “old-school” and doesn’t care for jeans.  That’s cool and we all agreed to it.  My problem – I just sent out 50 cards without that vital information!

Had I just returned from the Post Office, this would have been a real problem.  As a Send Out Cards person, I simply needed to go back down to my office, fire up the computer, log back in to SOC, cancel the mailing, edit my card, and re-send it out again.  In the matter of 10 minutes, I did what would have put me in jail for a federal offense had I been “old-school” in my mailing habits.

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