I love technology.

Here I am at somewhere around 25,000 feet (give or take a foot) pecking away on my laptop and working on the Internet. Makes these cross-country flights much more productive and fun.

I’ve posted a survey on my Facebook page. I asked my “peeps” a question about visiting cities. Basically, if you are at an airport and have a 3-hour plus layover, does that count as a city you’ve visited? My reason for asking is that I’ve been to many an airport where I’ve dined at excellent restaurants, watched games at the sports bar while sipping on a local beer; purchased “stuff,” and basically acted as if I were a tourist. Shouldn’t any of this count towards plopping that pin on the map saying you were there? Does driving through the panhandle of Idaho mean you’ve been to Idaho even if it takes less time than an airport layover? Just asking…

I’ve received fun and humorous comments on my Facebook page. I hope they keep coming. What do you think?

By the way, I will be chronicling my trip to Providence as I always do with my trips. The main event is Friday when I will be at an Alan Weiss workshop, which I am looking forward to as always. More to come…

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