I have been a lector at my church for the past 6 years and absolutely love it.  Two weeks ago, we had a lunch meeting with the priest and he asked us to consider singing the words “The Word of the Lord.”  Singing!  Now, I have no problem getting up in front of the congregation, or anyone, and speaking.  But, singing?  Even if it was only 5 words, I was intent on turning down the offer.

Last week, the lector at Mass accepted the challenge.  What do you know, a bolt of lightning didn’t break through the church and strike him down!  I realized that I was doing what I tell others not to do.  It was time to practice what I preach.

You see, it’s not about how YOU feel up there.  It’s about the experience of the audience.  If singing those 5 words delivers a more impactful message, then it’s about them, not me.  I did a little practicing and testing, and felt comfortable enough to try it on Sunday.  I’m here to tell you, nobody booed or threw tomatoes.  This was after all church, not open mic night!

Learn from my lesson.  Don’t be afraid to experiment or try things that take you out of your comfort level.  If it’s good for the audience, better delivers your message, and improves their condition, then do it!

P.S.  My singing will NOT be on You Tube!!!!