My new Titanium Apple Card came in the mail. And it was different from all the rest.

First, it was delivered to my door by FedEx, not to my mailbox by USPS. It was contained inside a very firm cardboard packaging. Not one of those flimsy deals; this thing had heft.

Inside the cardboard folder was another layer of packaging. A clean, solid white package with the familiar Apple logo.

The instructions to activate required one small sentence that said “Hold your phone here to activate your card.”

That’s it.

Now I have an equally solid card to put in my wallet, however the virtual wallet is what Is mostly used.

In fact, the actual card doesn’t identify the card number or expiration date. It’s clean. I can find all the information in my phone’s wallet.

Steve Jobs knew long ago that packaging was everything to building evangelists for the company. Do we do the same for our business? In our lives?

My professional career now spans more than three decades. I remember the days when what you wore was some sort of symbol of your professionalism.

I’m glad we’ve advanced. I hope today we all “package” ourselves as ourselves and not a faux representation meant solely to impress others.

In business, will our community recognize our packaging? Have we created our own unique brand based on what we are and the value we bring?

Jobs was a unicorn in technology by bucking the Microsoft way of packaging. They are still leaders in their brand.

You don’t have to be the size of Apple to do the same. In a business environment that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete, how you package your company and yourself will identify who you are.

In my book Back 9 Walking, I share stories of how it felt like being like everyone else was the goal. That’s bad for fostering your own identity. Now I hope we can all challenge ourselves to express our true identity in how we package our own personal brand.

Keep chasing unleashed.

Quote of the Week:

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

~ Confucius

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