A few general items from two days of the Olympics compliments of NBC.  I call it “Orchids and Onions.” I think you will figure out which one is which…

Onions – Bob Costas is terrible.  NBC should have given the job to Al Michaels.  Michaels is the consummate professional journalist and would give more credibility to the broadcast.  Gone are the days when ABC’s Jim McKay was the dominant television sports anchor.  Why is Costas terrible?  I don’t hear him ever offer anything of value.  He and Matt Lauer were equally horrid on the opening ceremonies – spending way too much time at the end cogitating over the failed mechanism.

Onions – I hated the decision to show the actual footage of the young Georgian luger who lost his life in the training accident. Yes, I get it.  It’s about ratings, reporting the news, using technology that you have, pictures tell a thousand words, blah, blah, blah.  My first thought when I heard about the tragedy was that I have a daughter that age.  I was literally sick for his parents, his coaches, and his teammates.  I watch people die on television and the movies all the time. It’s not real.  I had no interest in watching a young man die in front of my eyes.  I believe more tact and sensitivity was needed.  Note – You Tube refused to show it at least initially. I don’t know if that’s changed, but that was a judicious move.

Orchids – Cris Collingsworth is good.  He is charismatic, asks good questions, obviously has done his homework, and offers provocative commentary.

Orchids – Mary Carillo does a nice job with her projects.  Once called “Up Close & Personal” when ABC televised the Games, Carillo also has the dynamic personality to pull off the off the wall, fun “stuff” that adds value.  I enjoyed her piece about running a leg of the torch run across Canada.

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