This past week has been extraordinary in the history of the United States.

Extraordinary is a word often used to describe good things; in this case it’s being used in a literal manner of “out of the ordinary in a BIG way…”

In the days following the attack on the Capitol building (and let’s not get into semantics – when people break in to buildings with weapons and intent to do harm and must be held back by others with weapons, this is an attack), social media detectives have been on a mission to identify the perpetrators.

It’s been easy. Almost no masks were being worn. The attackers not only proudly showed their faces, but also posted them on social media. One genius even kept his company badge on for his employer to see.

These people are being “outed” and are losing jobs and reputations.

We live in a world where one can’t hide. There is no cloak of invisibility. If you’re in a position as CEO or unpaid intern, you must be aware that your actions, behaviors, and words will be seen by others.

I’m not suggesting that you hide in fear from this. Be bold. Have courage in your convictions. Express your opinions.

Yet, I’d suggest that you do so in a way that would make your mother proud – or at least not cringe.

What you say and do is exposed whether you like it or not. Make sure it’s the message and model you want to send to the world.


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