Captain Jack may be getting a little older and grayer, but he’s still pretty spry.

In fact…nimble.

Nimble is defined as – “agile; quick and light in movement; rapid; quick to understand; cleverly contrived.”

I still witness Captain Jack correcting course quickly when a new and more important smell catches his olfactory senses. When something slithery makes a motion in the bushes, he’s rapid and agile. And when a small piece of food somehow hits the kitchen floor, the dash from the couch to the spot of contact is impressive.

What about your business? Your organization?

How quickly are you able to assess changes that can impact your business and then move?

The problem with large corporations in this area is that there are often many committees to consult and gain approval. It’s like turning a cargo ship. Small businesses are more nimble, like speedboats. Or at least they should be…

Spotting opportunities and perils happens when one is paying attention. It’s the easier part of the sequence. Making decisions to implement change and movement is harder. That’s where leadership shines…

Be like Captain Jack. Whether it’s the peril of an oncoming car or the opportunity of a morsel of food, he’s ready, agile, and rapid.

Are you?

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