Captain Jack

Captain Jack

Seattle  – January 30-31

Too many people never reach their potential because their own “leash” fetters them and keeps them from maximizing their talent and their life.  The reasons are varied – fear of failure; fear of being judged; don’t know how to start; and personal “baggage” that remain as obstacles in their life. In 2014, it’s time get UNLEASHED!

Everyone has these fears and baggage that keep them from moving forward. Too few have the courage to invest in themselves and get help to accelerate forward. Life is too short. It’s time to unleash your potential.

In conjunction with my new book titled Unleashed: A guide to maximizing you career and enriching your life, I am offering this unique 2-day experience that I promise will change your life forever if you let it.

This experience will help you…

  • Determine what you must accomplish both professionally and personally in 2014
  • Create a realistic game plan for reaching these goals
  • Dramatically improve your confidence to eradicate fear and anxiety
  • Improve skill sets in language, public speaking, and writing
  • Enhance leadership and communication skills
  • Set accountability metrics for the year to assure you follow through
  • Learn how to better prioritize your time
  • Enhance your life-work balance

Space is limited to 12 people to assure that each person attains the maximum value.

The fee is $3,500 before December 31st and  $5,000 afterwards. This fee is easily recouped through increased business, improved self-worth, new skill development, and the reward of attaining what you never thought you would.

Note: A 20% professional discount is available to all current coaching and mentoring clients. A 10% discount is available to all clients that are not currently active.


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(It’s okay…I know who you are!)

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