Twin Towers 9-11

It was about exactly this time – as I am writing this at 6:09 am on Friday September 11, 2015 – that I heard the reports for the first time. Two planes had crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City. Still brings chills to me…

It was unbelievable to me at the time time. I didn’t believe the person on the other end of the phone. I thought they must be delusional. Until I turned on the television…

14 years passes and it’s easy for the sadness, anger, and confusion to wane. That’s normal and part of the human condition. But I hope we as a nation and as a world never forget how we felt at that moment we heard and saw the the devastation, destruction, and tragic loss of lives. When we saw family members of those lost and feared lost….that look on their face and the deep empathy and sympathy we felt. Some of you reading this may have experienced more loss that fateful Tuesday morning. For you, I’m sure time hasn’t made the feelings any less painful.

It’s a beautiful Friday morning hear as I look outside (I’m actually guessing becasue it is still dark…). The NFL season is kicking off and its “Blue Friday” all over my neck of the woods. There are presidential races being waged, political hot buttons being pushed, and just plain normal Friday workday activities happening. And that’s all a good thing for us. I just encourage each of us to take a moment – not in despair, bitterness, or anger, but in sympathy, support, and respect – to honor and remember those that lost their lives, and those that had their lives forever altered becasue of the events that happened right now 14 years ago.

Never forget…

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