There are a lot of Tom Brady haters out there.


Brady just won his 7th Super Bowl championship in a storied – unprecedented – career. He is a polarizing figure, most likely formed out of jealosy or ignorance.


One thing that’s not debatable is how Brady has managed to do what before now has been basically impossible – continuing to be a multi-million dollar asset to his team (and the NFL) at the age of 43 years old. While Brady’s long-time rival Peyton Manning sat in the stands after being announced to the Pro Football Hall of Fame five years after his retirement, Brady was leading his team to another Lombardi Trophy. 


And he’s coming back next year, while two more of his counterparts who came into the league after him (Drew Brees an Phillip Rivers) have already or will announce retirements.


Brady will still be kicking it at a high level in the NFL into his mid-40s because he’s done something better than any other quarterback in the game has ever done. He’s treated himself like the multi-million dollar asset he is.


Do you value yourself in the same way? Prove it…


I’ve met countless CEOs, Presidents, and entrepreneurs in my over three decades of business. Way too many of them do everything but treat themselves like an asset…


They eat poorly; they don’t exercise enough; they don’t hydrate; they don’t sleep well; they don’t regularly go to a doctor or health expert; they sit on their…uh…chair too much; they get stressed out; they don’t take vitamins; and they don’t enjoy life outside of their business enough. 


And I’m just getting started.


Tom Brady is fastidious about what he eats; how he trains his body; and how he handles the mental side of his profession. He has several coaches who are all expert in areas he must continue to improve on (even though he’s reached the pinnacle of his craft).


Your career is longer than that of an NFL quarterback. Yours may need to span decades, even into what might be considered “retirement age.” Everything you do has truths or consequences to your business and your life.


Like him or not, Brady is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of his industry. If you want to do the same, you’d better make sure you get your “assets” in gear and take care of your mind, body, and spirit the same way. 


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