I’ve been very fortunate to be part of Alan Weiss’s Master Mentor program since March of last year. Two weeks ago, I attended his Mentor Summit in Las Vegas, where I hung out with about 70 of the best consultants in the world.

Mentoring is crucial in any line of business. Whether you’re a CEO, sales professional, entrepreneur, or magician (he’s had one in his program), you can gain tremendous value from mentoring and coaching. Here are a few of the values you get…

  • Honest feedback and input to your questions.
  • Unvarnished critique of your intellectual property, programs, proposals, web site, marketing materials, and anything else you need evaluated.
  • Strategy on the big picture, global view for your career.
  • Access to the “smarts” of someone who’s done or is doing what you want to do.
  • Help in overcoming a challenge, facing crisis, or gaining understanding.
  • Someone to share in your successes and joy
  • Focus and clarity

Everyone needs a mentor or coach. Every star athlete has one. In fact, the athletes are almost always BETTER in the skill than the mentor or coach. What they receive are the same bullet points you see listed above to help them ignite their talent and maximize their potential. What are you waiting for?

“I have enjoyed working with Dan. He is very insightful and has helped me create a plan for the future. He has great energy and is a wonderful net worker which I really appreciate. He helped provide clarity, during a time I needed an unbiased professional opinion.” Carolyn Frame, Seattle, WA

To inquire about being mentored by Dan, click here, or call him at 360-271-1592.

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