I have a meeting on Monday with a client at 9:01 am. I will not forget that time…

Jerry Parrish is a long-time football coach at North Kitsap High School. All the years that he coached, practice or meetings started on the :01…whatever it was – 2:31, 9:01, 3:31 – you get the point. Being late was bad news.

Jerry is now the Executive Secretary for the Washington State Coaches Association and my client for the past 5 years. We are meeting Monday to get their insurance renewed. I e-mailed him a 9:00 am time at our normal coffee shop in town. He responded, “Jack’s on Monday, 26 July at 9:01…” I will not forget that time.

Jerry knows the psychology of remembering. Have a unique time and it won’t be forgotten. 9:00 is easy to forget…9:01 isn’t. It’s just the way it is. Have you ever thought of being “out of the box” and setting times on the :01 or :07 or something off-beat like that? Nobody’s going to get mad. They probably will be amused and never forget the time.

I think I may give that a try. It works on me, it will probably work for me, too!

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