OK. I get it.

Over the past five years in my consulting practice, I’ve tried to develop a “brand” for myself. I have a variety of things that I do, a myriad of expertise to improve the condition of my clients, and a lot of ways to confuse people. Sometimes even me!

Through the help of several friends from my consulting community (Alan Weiss’s tremendous community), I think I’ve finally been able to pull all this together. It actually started when I interviewed Betsy Jordyn last month on igniting talent. It culminated (or maybe I should say continues…) last week with my friend from Portland, Rick Pay. My thanks to both of them.

Here’s the deal. I have “skill” in several areas. However, my talent and passion lie in one thing – leadership. That’s where I’ve always found myself gravitating to. Whether it’s being a director on the school board, serving on non-profit committees, coaching high school basketball, or presiding over a large Rotary Club, leadership has been the spirit that leads me. Hang with me because it gets better…

I believe that there are 4 core areas of leadership that any business, corporation, non-profit, athletic program, or family need. They are:

  1. Communications – The ability to herald your message and influence others to your organization, your clients, your prospects, your family, and the world.
  2. Revenue Generation – The ability to be a “Rainmaker,” or at least hire people who have this talent.
  3. Risk Management – Your first and last line of defense. Protecting your employees, your business, your clients, and your family. I call it, “Protecting your House.”
  4. Life Balance – The ability to enjoy life with your family and friends and rejuvenate your spirit regularly. As my mentor Alan Weiss has always said, “True wealth is discretionary time.”

What you will see from me is everything I always have done – insurance, risk management, communications, public speaking, team-building, life balance, juggling (okay maybe not this – encapsulated into the leadership genre. I believe relationship building is one of my talents. It’s what has made me successful in all the areas of expertise I can help others with. Leveraging your relationships to maximize your success is not only okay, it’s what’s needed in a new economy. You need to go back to building powerful relationships and alliances with the aim of improving the condition and lives of others.

Thanks for hanging with me. This is my bottom line – You will begin to see a consolidation of all things Dan. Hence, my Weedin 360 blog will really make sense. It will take some time and thoughtfulness, so I ask your indulgence as I attempt to make my administrative burden lighter and your ability to gain value from me easier!

So I’m really not changing. I’m just being much more clear on who I am, what I do, and how you can benefit.

Same old Dan…now a newer version!

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