Life can throw some curveballs at all of us…

Often, it seems that decisions we need to make are complicated and can be overwhelming. We can get sucked into the thought that the decision at hand is more important and life-changing than it is.

Make no mistake…some decisions will change lives and even be a matter of life and death.

That being said, too often we overthink and complicate the decision-making process.

What can happen in these situations is an extreme case of analysis paralysis. The consequences of which can be costly financially and emotionally.

My suggestion is that almost all decisions have three options in play – Go, No Go, and Go, but not yet.

This can be translated in many ways, including Yes, No, and Not Yet. However they sound to you, it’s likely that your decision will come in one of these forms.

Go is pretty simple, right? 

You are going to take action in a way that causes change. The change is manifested in many ways from a purchase to a change in behavior. “GO” is generally motivated by some level of urgency or emotion. It’s become apparent – at least to the decision-maker – that a “GO” is needed now.

No Go is the opposite end of the spectrum. 

There hasn’t been enough momentum or emotional benefit to move forward with the choice. “NO GO” can mean there isn’t any money, need, time, or trust. 

Go, but Not Yet (GoBNY) is simple in its complexity. There is a desire to create or implement change, but the timing isn’t right for whatever reason. And this is where things bog down…

Too often, this option ends up being a “punt,” the proverbial can being kicked down the road. The change needs to be made, that is clear. But the timing isn’t right financially, emotionally, or due to some outside source. What can be decided immediately is WHEN. 

I was reminded recently by my professional coach to physically write down my strategic plan. The plan had been formulated with the “GoBNY” response. What was missing was the answer to the question of WHEN.

You are faced daily with decisions of ranging importance and gravity. I believe that almost all of them can be solved with one of these three options. A bunch of them will be the “GoBNY.” Make sure the next time you choose this option that you commit to being specific on the WHEN, so that it actually happens!

Keep chasing unleashed. 

Quote of the Week:

The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.

~ Jim Hightower – 20th Century American Activist

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