As I sat with my daughters watching every pitch of the NCAA National Championship game between my alma mater Washington Huskies and Florida, I realized something.  I watched as both teams supported each other through good plays and bad.  The one constant between these two programs is that you never saw anyone visibly get down on a teammate.  Not surprisingly, these two teams were playing for the championship.

I spent six years as a girls high school varsity basketball coach. The best teams we had were the ones with the best chemistry; the ones that picked each other up; and the ones that supported each other after both great plays and turnovers.

The truth is that life is a “team game.”  Just like in sports, the “teams” that are most successful are the ones who pull together when the going gets tough.  You’ve seen athletes like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson (I refuse to call him by a Spanish number) tear good teams apart.  Have you seen that in your work; your friendships; your family?

Life is too short to burden yourself with negative influences.  I’m not talking about surrounding yourself with “yes people,” or people who won’t be honest when you need it.  I’m talking about genuine support to help you improve yourself personally and professionally.

As I watched the game, I realized I’ve built a great team around me.  My family, my friends, my Rotary Club, my Toastmasters pals, the professional community I belong to, business associates and clients, and of course my dogs (can’t leave them out).  What about you?  Do you have a strong support system willing to help you improve yourself every day?  Or do you have “teammates” that drag you down?  Who would you rather play with?

Life is a team game.  You need positive, honest, supportive people around you.  Even more importantly, you need to be that person for others.


(c) 2009 Dan Weedin – All Rights Reserved