As everyone now knows, Japan suffered a horrific 8.9 earthquake causing a tsunami and major damage. The tsunami threatens most of the Pacific, including Hawaii and the Washington, Oregon, and California coasts. Amazingly, loss of life has not been as bad as what has been seen with smaller quakes around the world. Most of that can be attributed to Japan’s preparation and technology.

Japan was well aware that an earthquake and tsunami with this force was a possibility. They knew they were vulnerable. They took steps in preparedness and education to mitigate the damage and loss of life. The same can be said for many countries in the Pacific. Knowing what perils create the greatest frequency and severity is part of responsible leadership.

What about your company or organization? Do you clearly know where you are vulnerable and are you prepared to meet the crisis? Disaster planning and planning to recover require proactive steps by business owners and executives to ensure survival. This should be a stark reminder to you that it’s never too late to check your disaster planning and business continuation processes.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Japan and its people…

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