If you care about your client – and I know you all do – ask them one question…

How confident are you, that no matter what happens, the wealth and legacy of your company is secure?

And then let them answer.

Here’s the deal. Your clients are all successful in growing their companies, creating jobs for their people, building wealth and value for their enterprises, and forming long-lasting legacies in the communities they operate in. 

And it might be in part because of what you’ve provided.

The problem is that if they aren’t highly confident in a game plan to prevent, respond to, and recover from any calamity, that all of that can be gone in the blink of an eye. 

Encourage your clients – or your bosses – or yourself, to build confidence and trust in a system to deal with any challenge, be it a pandemic, a severe winter storm, or a flooded office space. 

The future wealth, value and legacy fo their company might depend on it. 

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