So you think that because you speak on a “serious” topic, it’s hard to be funny?  Actually, I’ve found that the drier your topic, the more vital humor is!  I get the fun of speaking about insurance and risk management a lot for a living – yeesh!  You can’t get drier than that.  I’ve found that using a funny story, any funny story, can work into my dry and boring topic and turn it into dynamic and dandy.

Take my story about “Driving Miss Mindy” (see below)  I can use a great deal of that story as an opening for a conversation on safety and risk management.  After a smooth transition (we’ll talk about that later) you might hear me develop the idea of

  • mentoring new commercial drivers to reduce accidents;
  • mentoring teen drivers to reduce your personal auto rates;
  • discuss the importance of making your entire team conscious of safety; or
  • the importance of umbrella liability insurance for anyone

I could go and on and on but you will be spared.  I don’t want you to leave just yet!

Bottom line – you can relate any humorous personal story you’ve “uncovered” (see Part 1) and make it a metaphor for your topic or industry.  It can actually be fun.  Try it out and then test it.  You may find a gem.

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