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It’s easy to get going so fast and furious that you get caught up in the “now.” While being present is important, so is taking some time to think about what you want to make sure survives you.

In your business, what endures past your time as boss? Are you a soloprenuer? If you own a company, will you sell the company to family, employees, or an outside interest? What will the company mean to customers and community after you exit? You will leave your business either horizontally or vertically; do you have contingency plans for both?

In your personal life, what’s your impact? Will it be solely financial, or will you be bringing a level of wisdom, guidance, and example? Do you have children and grandchildren that you would like to positively help? What does that look like?

For those of us on the “Back Nine” of our walk of life, it’s never too early to think about these questions.


Because so many of them require not only planning, but implementation. Being caught unprepared causes confusion, misunderstanding, and maybe unwanted conflict.

A planned and communicated game plan makes sure everyone knows what you want.

Life Balance

Mindset and mindfulness.

There certainly has been an increased focus on both over the last 18 months. Many of you may have done the same thing I have and examined how well your life is “balanced” right now.

“Life balance” is an enigmatic term.

In a world that blends and mixes all facets of life in a seemingly 24/7 span, being able to create time for yourself to recharge and reset is not just important, it’s critical to your very joy of life.

Balance is something we should all define. For me, it’s not a 50-50 split. If it were, I would feel out of balance.

Rather, I suggest you consider a minimum 60-40 split to the personal time side. In order to be really good at a career you love (and if this isn’t the case, that would be a bigger issue), then down time is required.

Don’t tell me that you have to work 60 hours a week. That would indicate that there are areas of time management and priority that can be worked on! Don’t tell me that you need to be “seen” working by your employees to offer a good example. You don’t…they can do fine without you (or again, a bigger problem).

As my professional mentor Alan Weiss has said, “You can always make another dollar, but you an’t make another minute.”

Create a schedule and calendar to assure you are getting that 60% of time to rest, relax, and re-charge. This will then allow you to go full speed ahead with your other 40%

Note: I just started writing my new book. While I’m not ready to announce the title yet – that will come soon when the cover is done – my goal is to be ready for pre-sales by Thanksgiving. Email me here to get first notice and opportunity to get your copy!

Quote of the Week:

“With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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