If you’re in business, you know one of the base fundamentals for success is developing your brand.  Once you’ve got a brand, you have to make sure people know about you.  In today’s technologically adept world, it’s easier than ever.  The question is, are you doing it?

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in social media and technology to the point of it being a time dump.  As I sit here and type out this blog, I already know my marketing strategy for it – Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Plaxo.  Most of these sites are inter-related so when I post to one, I post to all.  A huge time saver.

Are you utilizing You Tube?  If you’re like me, you are a visual learner.  I enjoy watching people on video, whether its a training or a testimonial.  What can you do for your business to promote your services and provide value?  It’s free and it’s viral.  What are you waiting for?

Bottom line – if you are in business, you need people to understand how they can be improved by your services, advice, or work.  People still buy on trust and need.  The more you can disseminate your message to more people in varied ways, the more opportunities you will have to help them.

How do you communicate your message?


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