The person we most spend time talking to daily is ourselves. This can be a very good thing, and unfortunately also a very bad thing.

We humans have a tendency to be cruelest and most unbending to the person we should most be kind to.

And when the bad stuff starts piling up on a regular basis without the ability to be dumped in the proper receptacle outside, it becomes exactly what happens to what we dispose of at home, but allow to pile up.

Trash. In this case, head trash.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders might be the worst culprits. There is an old axiom that entrepreneurs often quit a boss to start their own business and work for a worse boss.

These are cases when your “boss” becomes overly demanding, unsympathetic, judgmental, and angry to the point of spewing obscenities.

Funny that none of us would ever allow that from anyone else, but we are eager to do it to ourselves.

While this can be the start of head trash, the more insidious form of it comes when we allow ourselves to dwell on it and then define ourselves by it.

Head trash that’s allowed to sit in our heads will ultimately fester and block our ability to be “unleashed.”

Head trash is the enemy of confidence, poise, and talent. It blocks out skill and determination and will lead to both depression (dwelling on the past) and anxiety (fear of the future).

We are all human and will need to deal with the occasional negative self-talk and head trash. That’s normal.

What becomes abnormal is if we allow ourselves to believe it.

Like any rubbish building up in your home, of left where it is will begin to stink and make the room around it unbearable to live in. It must be removed.

Allow yourself permission to let out some steam once in awhile but then have a process of taking out the head trash. This will foster increased confidence, better performance in your work, and happier and healthier you.

And that’s a much better way to live.

Quote of the Week:

“Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.”

~ Eugene Ionesco, 20th century French dramatist

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